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Waiting room:

In connection with a course during my BA studies, where we got an assignment to deliver a design project of our choosing, I took the opportunity to deepen my knowledge and explore how to create healing environments. During the course I also chose to collaborate with a private dental clinic located in Östermalm in central Stockholm and a graphic designer to produce rendered images of my digital 3D sketches.


The clinic strives to be a safe and pleasant environment for their patients. However, the clinic’s waiting room did not reflect the staff’s and the clinic’s vision. They wanted their waiting room to feel like a living room where their patients can feel calm, safe and at home. The ages of their patients vary and there are both children and adults who visit the clinic, therefore they also wanted a slightly playful touch. 


I believe that art can evoke many different feelings and change the atmosphere in a room. A piece of art can lighten the room, distract the viewer, be comforting etc. I find it to be a powerful tool to contribute and enhance various ambiences. Therefore, I chose to design, colour and decorate the room around carefully selected paintings. 


The paintings were chosen because of their playful but yet calming motives as well as their colours and the effect they have on us. The green will calm you down, the pink is comforting and loving, the yellow stimulates positive thinking and the blue reduces fear and worry. The paintings were my inspiration and driving force when designing the room. The colour of the walls and furniture were chosen to match the paintings, in both colours and form, and at the same time contribute to create a safe, calming and playful environment. 

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