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During an exchange term, at the School of Architecture at Chalmers University in 2021, we had an assignment to draw a townhouse on a 105 sqm lot located in central Gothenburg. The house should be sustainable, accessible, contain at least 40 sqm solar cells, and, without extensive renovations, be suitable for different types of households.


My ambitions were, with the help of design and materials, to create sustainable and healing environments for people. In order to create a sustainable house, I chose to use recycled and natural materials where possible while remaining maintenance-free, and creating an ambience of near-nature experience.  


During the project I also explored the balance between the two opposing concepts of “open” and “private”. I wanted to create a home with large, open, bright and social areas for the residents to socialise in, while at the same time create both rooms and façade that feel private and give little visibility from the outside.

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