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Jonsered Gardens:

The assignment in this school project was to design a place or object, for Jonsered Gardens, which attracts younger visitors to the garden and encourages play.


My vision for the Honeysuckle was to be a lush and welcoming pavilion where adults and children can socialise, rest, play and explore together. I also wanted to create a sustainable design that can be used and thrive all year round, when there is snow, when it rains, when the sun shines, when all trees have lost their leaves and when the flowers bloom. It should be a place for everyone to visit all year round. That is why I chose materials and plants that are both environmentally friendly and seasonal.


My design together with the choice of materials creates a welcoming, sustainable, seasonal and stimulating place that encourages play and at the same time provides an opportunity to breathe and unwind. Children and adults of all ages can enjoy the Honeysuckle and the fantastic nature that Jonsered Gardens has to offer.


The children who visit Jonsered Gardens will get access to a place where they can explore and play with their parents or with other children. They get the opportunity to discover and explore the pavilion's different rooms and corridors and jump on rocks in the waterway to get in through a tunnel and into the playroom. In this room they will be able to use their imagination to change and build their own playground with the help of big blocks.

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