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Interior Architecture/Furniture Design:
Redesigning Gynaecology Clinics for Enhanced Well-being

The objective of this degree project is to challenge the traditional interior design of gynaecology clinics and develop a fresh and innovative concept. With the help of colour, material and form, this interior concept enhances the overall experience for patients by transforming their perception of healthcare facilities, ultimately improving their well-being and comfort during gynaecological visits.


To exemplify a different, more welcoming and safe environment, my experiments have involved experimenting with colour, material and form, as well as purpose-designed chairs for the waiting room as well as the examination rooms, respectively. Besides this, I have explored distractive elements during the patients’ examination.


By utilising all design elements, the concept creates an experience that promotes health and ensures a safe, pleasant, and welcoming environment for both patients and staff.

Year: 2024

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