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During an internship at Indicum interior architects in 2021, I was in charge of curating and organising an exhibition to launch Indicum Studio, their brand new, explorational design program which exists to provide space for creative and artistic exploration. 


In this project I chose to paint my own paintings. My paintings, which were the starting point for the exhibition, show an interpretation of Indicum’s work process in concept development. In line with Indium’s work process, I developed four different concepts, which I then interpreted in the form of paintings. I then chose to further develop two of the concepts that resulted in a painting each. The final concept became a mixture of these two concepts and resulted in two paintings titled “Forever Lost In Clown Land”.


The spatial design emerged with a starting point and inspiration taken from my paintings. Participating artists and their design objects were specifically chosen to let a vision of colour, texture and form emerge from a two-dimensional to a three-dimensional space.

Participating artist: Emma Vo, Cecilia Tjärnberg, Linus Fridén, Klara Sandsjö and Anna Harström. 

A big thank you also goes to Straight Design Studio and Ludvig Svensson Textiles who contributed with products to the exhibition.

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