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Architecture/Interior Architecture:

In this project I have designed so called “bokaler” on top of the existing House 40 on Hallvägen in Slakthusområdet, Stockholm. A bokal is a form of accomodation that combines a residence and a separate work space. 


This extension of house 40 has a wavy facade made out of big green tiles and a way railing made of red metal sheets. There are two entrance’s on the first floor, one to the work space or studio and one leading into a hallway which leads up to the second floor and the living area. 

In the work space there’s a bathroom and a small kitchen area. There are big windows towards the terrace and pedestrian street, which gives the opportunity to display your business, products etc. There is also a extra room on the first floor which could either be part of the work space as an office, or it can be used as a extra bedroom connected to the second floor and the rest of the living area. 


The people living in this dynamic housing can choose to use the first floor as studio or work space or they can rent the space out to other businesses. The idea is also that the first floor can be converted into a separate apartment. 

On the second floor there is one master bedroom and one smaller bedroom, a bathroom with space for a laundry machine and tumble dryer. There is also a big open space with kitchen and living room. 


Outside the extension and the bokaler there is a terrance and pedestrian street with space for out door seating. On each side of the building there’s an elevator and stairs leading up to the bokaler from the ground street. 

Year: 2023

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